Interstellar 2014 Sci-Fi Movie

Interstellar 2014 Sci-Fi Movie.


The movie is based on the caption. In the near future of the earth is on the crises of extinction of Human Species. As due to a Dust Bowl the planet is loosing its capability of growing crops.

This is where Cooper plays a lead role in the movie as the movie starts with Cooper being an engineer & his degree becomes of no use to the present state of the planet situation. He had to settle as a farmer, farming corn.

Cooper’s Daughter “Murph” is following the footsteps of her father & she is the one who keeps getting Ghost’s signals from her bedroom on which the whole movie is based on. Murph & Cooper’s Sun Tom gets a PT (Parent Teacher) Alert.

The school council advices Cooper that his son “Tom” is eligible to become a Farmer & could follow his footsteps, but Cooper debates with the school council that he wants his son to take sports. The council explains that in the present state of planet the earth needs more farmers & not sports person. The school council then reports about Murph that she keeps bringing the NASA history books & shows them to the fellow students that the life of Astronauts is cool & some other facts. Cooper disagrees on some topic with the school council & gets Murph suspended.

During a base ball game on a small ground a heavy dust storm heads towards the baseball field. Cooper & the family return to the home with oxygen mask on them to protect themselves from the dust wind & once they reach the farm they head inside the house. He does a rain-check that every door & window of the house is closed?

Murph suddenly runs towards her “Bedroom” & Cooper follows her as he notices that one of the window is open, he quickly heads towards it & closes the window which was open. The ghost from the room delivers a binary code which turns out to be the location of the secret NASA Space Station.


Cooper decides to visit the location which was given by the ghost. Murph sneeks out into the truck in which Cooper is heading towards the location. When they reach the location, they notice that the place is barb-wired. However when Cooper attempts to cut the barb-wire. Alight appears & he looses consciousness. This is where he meets Professor Brand, When Professor Brand inquires with Cooper that how did he find out the location as it is the top most secret facility in States?

He does mention that gravity gave it tom him in ghost form. As Professor request’s  Cooper explains the current situation & ask’s Cooper to pilot the shuttle through the warm hole to the other side of the Galaxy. After heavy debate he agrees as he want his family to survive.

Interstellar Movie Errors (Director Errors)

Alright, I don’t know if any one did notice. The movie states that (They: God) who has created the warm hole to pass to the other side of the galaxy. However when the cast in the movie realizes that it was Cooper who was sending the signal. It is unclear how the warm hole appeared.

The second thing is when Cooper realizes that he is the Ghost himself & he is the one who is sending codes to Murph. He still sends the Bianry code which sends Cooper to the secret facility of NASA.

Why would he give the code when he cries that he could have stayed with the family instead of the space adventure. Well its unclear.

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